Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Module 11 Debrief

I really liked this module. I found it user friendly and very fun. After completing this module I have come to the conclusion that I will be using Microsoft Publisher for newsletters and such for my future classroom. I could have sat on the program for hours messing around and creating various items. Microsoft publisher is very easy to use and there are a variety of tools there to help you. There are so many different templates to choose from and different fonts and colors available for use. I really liked how easy the program allowed to copy and paste pictures and to be able to position them and resize them with no trouble at all. I found Microsoft Publisher to be a fun, easy and creative use of technology that more teachers should take advantage of. It could be used for so many ways. Especially for newsletters to keep the parents informed and involved in the classroom. After using this program I am very disappointed I do not have this on my laptop. I will be looking into getting it for the future. Side note big thank you to my boss for saving me a trip to campus and loaning me her laptop to complete my newsletter.  

The drop box was also user friendly. I found the downloading fast, easy and simple just a few clicks of the mouse. I loved this because sometimes things take forever to download. Once downloaded I found it easy to navigate and access. This entire process has opened my eyes to the many different and free technologies and websites that are available to the public. Most of which we never hear or see about. The drop box would be an interesting technology to take advantage of and use with secondary students like in high school. The program could be a part of their technology learning and have them submit things through there such as writing assignments and such. The drop box could also be used to share student’s works with one another and such.

The online Sign up is actually a technology I knew about from my advisor using it for sign up for meetings. I found it simple to use then. With creating my own sign up for an event I found it to be very easy and the steps and such to be very helpful. Literally to create an event you just follow the directions step by step. Anyone would be able to use the sign up to create an event because it is so user friendly. I think more parents would respond and get back to you with a count for attendance at an event because almost anyone and everyone is connect to the internet in some way now a days. Especially with the code right on the newsletter people might have the app to just can the code and go right to the sign up page to RSVP. Teachers who use the online sign up would be eliminating the clutter of extra paper on their desk of parent forms RSVPing to events and such. I would most likely use this website in the future also. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Social Story-When I ride the Bus to School


When I Ride the Bus to School

I think social stories are great to help students learn social skills. Students need to be taught social skills to learn how to act in public and in social settings. Social Stories can be just one way out of many to learn social skills. “Social Skills intervention is most successful when the intervention is implemented using many modes of learning” (More article). Social stories help students to visually see their expected behavior. They can follow by example. Social stories help those with disabilities to “learning and understanding certain social situations and replace any problem behaviors.” (Child Autism parent cafĂ©)

“Digital Media and computers have created dynamic opportunities for teaching and learning” (More article). Digital media is great for social stories because repetition can be used for learning. Visual learning is supported and relationships among others are promoted. Use of digital media “linked to increased motivation, attention and student reinforcement” (more article)
Using digital media for social stories can help students better grasp the skills needed for social activities needed for everyday activities. With the use of any social story students can follow by example. 

I choose riding on the bus for my social story because not many parents have the option of taking their children to school due to work. Therefore many students have to ride the bus to get to and from school. All students should know what to do when riding the bus.
I would use my social story for a child with a disability because they like to know what is going on and tend to follow by example and repetition. Children with disabilities also tend to like routine this social story would help them with the routine associated with riding the school bus. Riding the school bus would help children with autism to know exactly what is expected of them. They will not get over stimulated because they will know it’s time to be quiet and read their book keeping themselves busy. 

I loved using PhotoStory 3 if was very easy and user friendly. The steps made it easy to piece together my story as a whole video sequence. I could really see myself using this tool in the future with lessons and such. I enjoyed using this tool and found the assignment to be fun and resourceful. I enjoyed using the tool I even started another photo story just for fun to become more familiar with the program.