Monday, October 15, 2012

WebQuest and Assistive Technology Debrief

I think that my WebQuest went good. I found it a little time consuming. Although time consuming I found it to be very informative. A great way to see the many different websites and other resources available for Assistive Technology and AAC. I liked that all of the links could be found right from the case study website. When looking at the case studies it was easy to go to other resources just had to use the click of the mouse. Although using the click of the mouse was easy, all of the different websites and other resources were a little overwhelming. I found myself getting confused and frustrated because I would use a link and then when I needed to go back it took me a little while to find the one I was looking for. Although a little overwhelming, it was just a lot of information to process. All in all the WebQuest was very informative and I enjoyed going through all of the resources and even learned a few things.

As a special education teacher I would use a WebQuest for a variety of things. Most importantly I would use it as a resource tool. A resource tool for further research into tools and to keep myself educated to help my students inside and outside the classroom whether its classroom tools or individual tools for my students such as Assistive Technology and such. I would also use WebQuest to help the parents of my students by finding them resources and funding and just help and information in general that my help themselves as parents and especially parents of a special needs child. To help parents realize there is help out there and that they are not alone.

In completing this WebQuest I learned that there are many types of assistive technology out there for students and individuals. They range from mild or low key to more complex. I never realized the amount of tools out there for use in the classroom and real life. For my skills as a special education teacher I would want to research and stay up with the technology and tools out there to assist. I would keep up to date and attend training and such to be up with the times and the tools. In doing this I would be available to help my students more to achieve their maximum potential as learners and individuals.

Using AAC is great in the classroom for special education students it can help them communicate in ways they never could before. AAC can be as simple as using the eyes and body language as well as signals or tools and devices. I love the idea of using AAC in the special education classroom because it can help give a voice to a student who otherwise has difficulties communicating and learning with others.

This module with the WebQuest was full of information that will be useful for me in becoming an educator as well as once I am a special education teacher in the classroom. I was overwhelmed with all of the information but I found it to be a great way of learning as a future educator. 

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  1. I think your idea of using WebQuests as tools to enhance your own skills and professional development is a good idea (so long as you can find ones on the topics you need to delve in to). Just to clarify, WebQuests are not JUST on the topic of AAC-- I sort of got the impression that is what you were thinking based on your response.

    Think of a WebQuest as a "one stop shop" for you, as a teacher, to help direct your students' research online-- and to carefully plan a well thought out activity or assessment that can built right in.