Monday, November 5, 2012

Social Story-When I ride the Bus to School


When I Ride the Bus to School

I think social stories are great to help students learn social skills. Students need to be taught social skills to learn how to act in public and in social settings. Social Stories can be just one way out of many to learn social skills. “Social Skills intervention is most successful when the intervention is implemented using many modes of learning” (More article). Social stories help students to visually see their expected behavior. They can follow by example. Social stories help those with disabilities to “learning and understanding certain social situations and replace any problem behaviors.” (Child Autism parent café)

“Digital Media and computers have created dynamic opportunities for teaching and learning” (More article). Digital media is great for social stories because repetition can be used for learning. Visual learning is supported and relationships among others are promoted. Use of digital media “linked to increased motivation, attention and student reinforcement” (more article)
Using digital media for social stories can help students better grasp the skills needed for social activities needed for everyday activities. With the use of any social story students can follow by example. 

I choose riding on the bus for my social story because not many parents have the option of taking their children to school due to work. Therefore many students have to ride the bus to get to and from school. All students should know what to do when riding the bus.
I would use my social story for a child with a disability because they like to know what is going on and tend to follow by example and repetition. Children with disabilities also tend to like routine this social story would help them with the routine associated with riding the school bus. Riding the school bus would help children with autism to know exactly what is expected of them. They will not get over stimulated because they will know it’s time to be quiet and read their book keeping themselves busy. 

I loved using PhotoStory 3 if was very easy and user friendly. The steps made it easy to piece together my story as a whole video sequence. I could really see myself using this tool in the future with lessons and such. I enjoyed using this tool and found the assignment to be fun and resourceful. I enjoyed using the tool I even started another photo story just for fun to become more familiar with the program. 


  1. Great job Ashley! I definitely agree with you on how important it is to understand the steps to riding the bus and getting safely to school. You did a good job of picking appropriate pictures and I enjoyed your choice of music. The facts that you chose to pick out of the More article were very insightful and a good representation of why social stories are important. I completely agree on the "user-friendliness" of PhotoStory 3! I found this module so much fun, and that it almost wasn't work. It was great to learn about so many different social skills and you did a great job.

  2. I loved your video Ashley! The pictures were perfect. I had a hard time finding appropriate pictures, but the pictures you choose fit every statement perfectly. I also like your choice of music. It was very soothing. Your voice was also very fitting!I also liked the quotes you choose about digital media from the more article. Digital media gives us the option as future educators to make our classrooms enjoyable and learning infused for all!

  3. I liked your video-- very sweet and the steps seem right on target. I like the rationale you gave as to why you selected it too. Bus riding is certainly an important skill and sometimes gets overlooked because it seems 'outside' of the normal school day (but of course, it isn't). Nice job providing links and cites from your readings too.

  4. Ashley, like everyone else, I love the topic you picked. It's something that might get overlooked, but it's really important. I know when I was working, I often had students whose days were affected greatly by tough bus rides. I think it's something to can cause a lot of anxiety for kids because their parents aren't there and their teachers and aides aren't there. I love that you included the bus driver by name.